Blood Test

ok, as promised earlier here a few pictures and words about one of Vega’s blood draws, via port.

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i guess it kind of speaks for itself, although Lyra did not take any pictures of the actual insertion or removal of the needle. it is not pleasant and Vega is always sobbing a little bit, but thanks to the numbing cream the pain is tolerable. Vega is very brave and never ever fights. it is as if she has an understanding of the necessity of all this. very admirable.

We removed the needle today so Vega is free this weekend, she has chemo due on monday when she will be accessed again.

on average she is accessed 4 days a week, and has at least one of these blood draws a day when the port is accessed.

please do feel free to leave comments and ask questions, i have been so deep into this for a few weeks now, i almost forgot that there was a time when i knew nothing about all this too!

i also doubt that my blogging frequency will be maintained at this level, i guess i just felt i was on a roll today.

5 thoughts on “Blood Test

  1. Sending hugs and love and thoughts and limited imagination of what this is actually like but trying to be with you all in this unimaginable time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx …….even though i don’t know you very well. I am a mother, a woman, I have daughters of a similar age xxxxxxxxxxxx you are doing an amazing job xxxxxxxxxx


  2. Hi sweetie, gosh doesn’t everything just change – was looking at your home kit and remembering the boxes of pills n big yellow bucket and also my wiggly – what a trooper Vega is and yes i think she implicitly knows something of the necessity of the process. As awful as the process is i found that after a while it had it’s own ‘rhythm’ and that sort of took over when all the procedures took place. i just want to wrap my arms around these photos and your little Lyra who is ‘viewing’ it all and taking the experience deep into her body too. know you are loved and supported by so many. wiggly hugs to Vega ( i called my line my giant inner squid!). breathe deep – one hour at a time and have a restful w/end as much as you can xxx


  3. Kathi, those photos are so incredible. I can’t believe how amazing Vega is being with this all. I agree with the above poster 100%, what a trooper she is, she is incredible. Big love to you all, anything you need at all, let me know. Beckyxx


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