Friday 13th

Well Vega did get out of hospital yesterday on Wednesday evening. Today, Thursday she was in an awful mood, not sure if it was the chemo she had yesterday or if it is the change from hospital to home once more but we had crying and screaming most of the day. I get really stressed out with this and I am finding it very hard to stay calm so I also cry and scream a bit. Not good at all. Tomorrow is Friday 13th and I am not superstitious but it just seems like every day is a little unlucky nowadays. I am taking her to the homeopath in the morning, and then we get a visit by the district nurses in the afternoon to access her port, draw blood and send it off for testing. She has chemo due on Monday at the Marsden and bloods always need to be checked 48hrs beforehand to make sure her counts are not too low. If they are low she would have to go into hospital for a blood transfusion and so 48hrs before chemo allow time for any transfusion should there be a need. Vega has had 8 transfusions so far since diagnosis, 4 platelet transfusion (yellow blood, to help clotting) and 4 red blood cell transfusion. 3 of them in the last week. It seems like an incredible waste to give her chemo to wipe all her own blood out, just to then fill her up with someone else’s. I feel strange about all these blood products she is receiving. Any transfusion carries a risk in itself, because similarly to a transplant, the body can react to the donors blood and reject it. I think I might fill you all in on the details of blood counts and at which level Vega needs to be transfused but tonight I am a victim of the day before. So another time.

Nite all.


4 thoughts on “Friday 13th

  1. Every time I read your updates I keep thinking back at how we once were, at work,you,Ray and me …. standing by the till laughing and joking about the future and children etc ……. Never did it occur to me as I am sure you and Ray you’d be writing this blog about your precious daughter ……. I know it is not the same at all but before Lauren was diagnosed as IgA deficient, they warned me at the hospital that when they took her blood sample they were also checking for cancer due to her symptoms …. I remember how scared I felt and hopeless ……..Lauren just has a minor immunity disorder that yes does require certain precautions BUT it is NOTHING,insignificant to what you and Ray have to endure. I CAN understand your fears,except you are actually living them ……. You live it with such courage, and yes I know,what else can you do,but still ….. you have 3 beautiful children….you are doing a fantastic job keeping it all together and I salute you…… Lots of love x x x x x x

    • Thank you Monique. I barely know anyone now who hasn’t been affected by cancer somehow and it makes me so sad. I think because we haven’t been in this for too long yet, my feelings are pretty raw, making my posts sound somewhat dramatic. I didn’t know about Lauren’s condition and I am sorry to hear about that too. Regardless of the severity of these things, we worry don’t we? Love from me. K

  2. Yes, once you have felt the fear and pain of your child enduring something that is outside of the ‘normal’ bumps, scrapes and illnesses, you can never go back and you will always empathise with a mummy going through something similar. Again, Oscar’s condition isn’t cancer, but I’ve been in the hospital, I’ve sat there and received the news I dreaded and I’ve been on the edge of wondering how I will cope and I’ve hurt so bad when I realise some of the things he is missing. I felt so alone when everyone around me sent me sympahty, but really I suspected they were just thanking God it wasn’t them! You are not alone, us mummies are behind you all the way, especially the ones who have been ‘there’. Believe it or not, brighter days will come and you will never again be without the gift of just how previous life is xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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