Day 5

We are nearly out of here. I can almost smell the freedom. If Vega does not spike a temperature again tonight and all her obs are good, we will be discharged tomorrow. Her neutrophil count is still unbelievably low, so we have strict orders of isolation once we return home. Now that we are on a little break from chemo there is not much poison swimming around her system so any bacteria or virus would have easy pickings with her. Her platelets were also very low again today and we might have to squeeze another transfusion in tomorrow before being released.

I spent the day in town today with Alys and Lyra, as promised and wasn’t it just a wonderful day. The sun was out and the two girls spoiled me with reasonably good behaviour! In return I spoilt them with lunch and a treat at Hamleys, which incidentally is the place where I first met Ray nearly ten years ago. Lyra chose a ‘pillow pet’ for Vega (haha do I have you singing that annoying jingle in your head now?) which truly was a super idea. Vega loved it and is sleeping on her new penguin pet friend right now. Lyra knows her so well.

Just now before Vega fell asleep I gave her a cuddle and a kiss, telling her I love her very much. I realised I am not doing that by far enough, with any of my children. Or Ray, or my mum, my dad, my sister.. Are you? I mean really being there in the moment and meaning it.

The little boy down the corridor is still there.


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. You need to come to Hamleys when either Mark or I are there…. Mark would be better because he would make it special for the girls being the entertainment manager….. Though I’d love to see you any time x thinking of you all x x x x

  2. hey kathi – i love you and mean it even though we dont get to meet – so glad the little boy is there – hugs xx

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