I jinxed it. First obs of the night and Vega has a fever. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Waiting for the doctor to come and see us now. But bloods are already taken and send for cultures, so we all know what that means. More days in hospital, antibiotics, everything that happened these last few days repeated.

I am so tired. And so worried.

5 thoughts on “Noooo!!!!

  1. Dearest Kathi,

    I’m so sorry to read Vega has a fever again…her little body is going through so much I can’t imagine it even while I’m reading all of your updates.
    You are every inch of support you can be for Vega and she feels that….and with regards to being in the moment: right now my entire heart goes out to you…sending a truckload of strength for Vega and all the support you need to get through these very difficult days….love you loads and I hope Vega’s fever will pass very soon.

    Biggest hug,


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