Sweet Nothing

Vega is back in hospital. seriously, this is not a joke… she ran a fever last night and i kept her home for as long as i thought was reasonable but the fever just didn’t go. Ray took her in this morning while i did the school run and the care plan meeting. the meeting went fine and Vega and Ray were fine at kings too. of course she was admitted and first line antibiotics were started. as so often, once she arrived in the hospital her temperature was down. it has remained down and she seems well enough. i am at home and Ray is with her tonight. i need some sleep after being up most of last night monitoring Vega’s temperature. i felt like crying this morning. this is just absolutely ridiculous and although we are managing it is becoming increasingly unmanageable.

Ray had to take another day off work, i am calling in yet more babysitting favours from friends and i have only just managed to finish tidying and cleaning the flat, doing the laundry and filled the fridge with new groceries. it is so frustrating, never mind the accompanying worries about Vega’s well being.

this will stop one day, i know, but right now i feel seriously out of puff. no steam left in the engine.

i am going to bed, hoping that i feel better tomorrow.

Good Night


2 thoughts on “Sweet Nothing

  1. Night night my dear. I am reading, and thinking of you. And let me know … please… if there are any strange favours that I can help with. I’m up for anything. I’m not a kids expert but you know i can improvise! Here’s hoping you’ve got a little steam in the morning after some sleep.

    Lots and lots of love,
    Laura xxx

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh – so sorry to hear this Kathi – yes it will stop but that is little consolation right now – so just be exhausted and sleep when you can and let those fabulous babysitters help and be needed. My heart aches for you – it is simply relentless. I remember so often having an image of a woman in some kind of a desert – dry cracked earth, no direction, no clear pathway, and wondering how to take the next step – on many occasions like the one you write of here – i simple saw her sit down. it is beyond exhausting, beyond resources. one day, one hour and sometimes one minute at a time. sending you as much love as i can over the airwaves and soothing sleep.

    I saw Sue Burd tonight from the pop choir who asked after you and sends her love to you.

    holding your little bear in my heart and all the family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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