Where were we?

we are back home, after just two nights at kings. cultures came back clear, no more fevers and Vega is relatively well. she is beginning to eat more, very selective in her choices but food is food. this morning she had half a grapefruit for breakfast- of all things! after weeks of no fruit or veg you can imagine it really made my day. in hospital they found that all her mineral counts were really low, especially potassium, and she was on a mineral enriched fluid drip for the two nights we were there. her counts resemble those of a malnourished person, such as a sufferer of anorexia or similar- she really has starved herself these last few days and i am so glad she is eating again. the next block will reintroduce steroids and we are hoping that she will have a good appetite again with these, as she had during her induction block. she needs to fill out a bit!

she is still neutropenic, next bloodtest is this friday. i have become a bit slack with updating the blog with all the blood counts, i will try to do that again once the new block of chemo starts. besides the neutropenia her bloods seem to be ok, platelets are still dropping but red blood cells have now started to recover by themselves and i think platelets might follow suit.

6 days left before delayed intensification.

(no more inpatient stays for a while please!)


2 thoughts on “Where were we?

  1. Hello dearest Kathi,

    I am happy and sad at the same time.
    Very happy to read that you are home together and that Vega is doing relatively well. Sad at the same time when I read your previous posts and see how much of a rollercoaster this has been these past weeks (and months). You speak about Vega’s strength and at the same time I think of how strong you all are – I’m sending the fabulous 5 a tremendously big hug and hope Vega’s bloodtest tomorrow comes back well.
    Love you loads and sending you loads of it,

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