Blood counts 20/07/2012

ImageYou know all is well when the sick bowl becomes a luxury jacuzzi.

Vega is well and recovering from her last dose of Chemo 11 days ago. she had her bloods taken yesterday-

Vega’s counts first, average in brackets behind.

HB (red blood cells)- 9 (9.5-15)

WBC (white blood cells)- 2.48 (4.5-11)

Neutrophils (infection fighting part of the white blood cells)- 0.76 (>1 is not neutropenic, normal range starts at 3)

Platelets 448 (150-450)

To be cleared for chemo on monday she needed to have platelets above 75 and neutrophils above 0.75 so we JUST scrapped by. by monday her neutrophil count will likely to be even higher so all is good and she is ready to commence delayed intensification. the thought makes me shudder but i will keep that to myself and keep my mind open and positive.


One thought on “Blood counts 20/07/2012

  1. way to go those platelets – must look back and see what the delayed intensification is, but those counts look pretty good considering – glad you scraped through, though am sure you are scraping at getting well yourself. huge hugs to you kathi and thanks for the update. much love xxxxxxxxx

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