New Day

Oh man I just re read last nights blog entry. I should really not write in the evenings.. (although I remember posting really early on that this blog is exclusively about moaning)

Ok so I am not a crap mother, but I definitely have plenty of crap mother moments.

New day today and although I am still feeling run down, I am in better spirits this morning. Vega is still sleeping, having gone back to bed after I convinced her to take her anti sickness meds. I hope she will wake up later with an appetite for breakfast. Lyra and Alys are also in bed watching TV- yes even the one year old. I am about to let my frustration out on some oranges and beetroot and will juice them to a pulp. We have bought a juicer a few months ago in the hope that Vega will have some liquid fruit and veg and we are playing this game of who can create the ugliest juice (ie green things usually make the ugliest juice).

I think a bit of ugly juice is what we all need this morning. Good day to you all.


2 thoughts on “New Day

  1. way to go you!! Am conceding ‘crap mother moments’ – as for evening blogs – well you keep it real and that’s what speaks to us all. yay to the juicer – go juice the crap out of it – and tell the kids the green stuff is care of the incredible hulk lol

    thinking of you
    hugs xxx


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