Get well soon.

Our stay at Kings was short lived. Vega was very well while we were there, and didn’t run a fever again after the night of her admission. The ward was full and virtually everyone had some sort of respiratory crap so for the first time ever the doctors decided that Vega would be better off at home. So for the first time they let us go home before the blood cultures came back. So they let us go home even though her neutrophils dropped again. So they just sent us home with oral antibiotics. So how come they never told me this was possible before? Well it helped that they really needed the room. They let us go on Friday night with orders to return in the event that something grew on the cultures. But nothing grew so Vega remains at home, happily. Her blood test yesterday revealed that her neutrophils had gone up again too, and despite her cough and cold, which is still going strong, because as everybody knows antibiotics don’t work on viral colds, she is feeling well.

I do hope we shake this cold soon, the cough is still keeping everyone awake at night, but I also fear this is just the first of many more to come this winter.

Hot lemon and honey all round please.