Cubicle 10

Just today I was planning to blog about something nice. Too many of my recent entries have been gloomy and sad. I have been feeling gloomy and sad and things needed to be written down. But I don’t want to be ungrateful. Vega is here and is doing well. Many children are not that lucky. Vega is very loved. Many children don’t even have that. And the strength surely lies in finding peace and acceptance rather than being bitter and sad. I think I would regret only having written about the bad days and never about the good ones. After all it is the good ones that really count, don’t they? It is the good days and moments that make us move on, potter along, pucker up and get through the rough waters. I imagine my children reading this blog in the future. I want them to see my strength shine through, not my sadness. I would like them to think “wow that was tough, but we were strong”.

The sun was out today, it was such a glorious day. Vega had a lovely week so far, she has her twinkle back since finishing her round of steroids over the weekend and she was buzzing with excitement on her way to nursery. Her hair! My gosh it is so lovely and fluffy and amazing. I didn’t realise how much I missed it. She is walking well. Steroids always knock it out of her a bit but she catches up a little quicker every time now.
Then the nursery rang me just before pick up to tell me Vega had thrown up. She has had this cough for a few weeks now but since yesterday it had become much worse and kept her up last night. She coughs and coughs and then gags and brings up some phlegm and food. No biggie really. It happens. We deal with sick bowls all the time, I mean I can hold a sick bowl in one hand now while the other hand drives the car or finishes a sandwich. I picked her up and because Lyra had a play date after school I took Vega and Alys to the park for some swinging action. We went home and I made dinner, Vega throws up a bit again, and yes you guessed it- she has a fever. 38.3 then 15 minutes later 38.6 so I figure no use of waiting around and call Kings to tell them we are coming in.

Cubicle 10, no toilet. Will be fun once the antibiotic diarrhea is kicking in and I will have to leg it down the corridor with Vega to dash for the toilets!
Anyway, Vega is ok, not too poorly. Fever seems to be a result of the cold she has, but for our little cancer star this obviously means first line antibiotics. Now we will be in hospital until we have the holy trinity of discharge- negative cultures, decent blood count and no fever for 48hrs.

Ironic then that 12hrs ago I was planning my nice blog post. And now I am writing from our dinky cell once more. That’s life, hey?!