Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey

Marsden day today. Vega’s Maintenance cycle no2 started two weeks ago with Vincristine at the Marsden and today she had her three monthly lumbar puncture to receive intrathecal Methotrexate. We arrived, luckily no snow on the roads, were seen by the nurse, then doctor, then anesthetist. Sat watched TV for a bit, beeper goes, off to sleep, back in recovery twenty minutes later, little nap, breakfast, wiggly out, and off home. Yes it can be that easy. We arrived at 8am and left bang on 12pm.

General anesthetic, chemo shot into the brain (kind of), all in a days work. In time for lunch at Beccy’s who was looking after Alys and afternoon school run sorted too.

We also caught up on Vega’s beads of courage, I had to ask for 96 white beads. One white bead for each dose of chemo, and she had 96 over the last 12 weeks. There were plenty more, of all colours, and it took us almost an hour this afternoon to string them all up, an impressive 862 beads by now. Vega wanted to take pictures again, also of her ever-growing hair, but we didn’t have time. I will post some pictures next week.

Otherwise things are good. Vega is neutropenic, obviously still recovering from the flu, but yesterdays bloods showed an upward trend and she is on 50% chemo dose this week. We went swimming on Sunday, usually a no no for neutropenia, but we are getting desperate to get Vega moving and gain some strength in her legs and so we figured the benefits outweigh the risks (eh, right?!). This was the first time she had been swimming in almost a year and what a good time she had. She clearly enjoyed the buoyancy and was jumping and hoping and skipping around the pool, kicking kicking kicking her little legs. She was shaking from exhaustion when we got out of the pool but already asked to go again the following day. I promised we will make it a regular thing, blood counts permitting.

Her liver counts have returned to normal. Her foot is not sore anymore but she is limping and trips often. Tomorrow she will be back at school.

All good. All good.

4 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey

  1. Glad to read that you’re having some good days or at least some days when the positives outweigh any negatives. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Vega’s glorious head of hair.


  2. yay yay yay!!!!!!!! and bloody hell out in 4 hrs a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren’t you just glad when even one hospital visit goes to time. Kathi i am SO delighted that you took her swimming – I know how wonderful the water is on crap legs and also how normalising it can let you feel – my heart leapt for joy when i read that – if you can go fairly regularly the exhaustion will get easier. At my first time at hydro i nearly collapsed when i got out cos all of a sudden full body weight comes back!! but it does get easier. oh i so want to come play and try things out on her wee feet n calves. i am so glad she likes it and asked again and hope her levels stay good enough for her to go. what a mind blowingly huge amount of beads she has now. Anyway happy the snow stayed away and sending you all big hugs and love and swimming hops n jumps (my pool is still out of action with maintenance and i am so missing it).

    hope wednesday goes as well,

    love sue x


  3. How wonderful that she can go back to school. I’m sure she’ll enjoy that too, even though she’ll probably end up exhausted. Like you said, you have to weigh up the pros and cons and I’m sure she’ll have lots of fun with her friends and you can have a break too. That’s definately good for you.


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