I have just read my New Year’s blog from last year (here). We were in hospital with the flu, (which I didn’t know at the time of entry). It is a rather sad blog post, with some pretty virtuous resolutions at the end. 2013 just seemed to have nothing more than the same in stock for us and I was down about it. As it turned out I was almost right- treatment wise 2013 was a long, long Maintenance year. Nothing is mentionable now, few admissions, but nothing big. But we also had some really good times at Disneyland, and at the Malcolm Sargent House in Scotland, a place we are looking forward to return to this April.

2014, well, this year is different. I anticipate many firsts and lasts. Vega is scheduled to go off treatment at the end of May, a prospect that begins to fill me more and more with dread. Don’t get me wrong I am elated to leave all this behind, but the big, scary question is- Will we?

There is nothing, absolutely nothing I can do about it though, other than wait, hope, wish (I don’t pray per se, but might start chanting) and see.

This year will no doubt bring change, and I believe I should welcome that. A virtuous New Year’s resolution would be to Be Positive, but I am not sure I am that virtuous after two years on treatment. I might start small, something like eating better and saving some money.

Happy New Year to you all- may we be virtuous, healthy, and happy.


3 thoughts on “2014

  1. Happy New Year sweetie!!

    I am glad this year will mark many firsts for you and SO hope you get back to Scotland for the feel of it’s wind and soil and colours. And so counting down the months till the end of treatment – yay! But i have to say – when i got to the end of 2.5 years worth i found myself entering a different phase and one where so much of the experience hit me emotionally – more than it had before. So i hope you have lots of space to ‘just be’ as well as celebrate the dwindling hospital visits (big bonus!!).

    FYI i gave up on new year resolutions except to ‘not’ make one lol – figured it just put more pressure on me. i have though started clearing paperwork and have come across bags n bags of blood test print outs, plasma exchange results, transplant results etc and decided 90% could get binned (just kept consultant reports). it was a weirdly invigorating experience – letting go of statistics that i poured over at the time – assessing the ups n downs of neutrophils n blood counts etc – clearing physical space and also space for me to be where i am.

    So may this new year bring you what you need to support you through this next part of the story and may Vega continue to gain strength and health and beautifully strong calf muscles!!

    hugs to you lovely one


  2. Best of wishes for the year ahead to you all from Aberdeen.

    I have kept up to date with your blogs almost religiously since I first responded to you back in July last year. My son Fraser is still ploughing through the intensive treatment with lots of similar ups and downs along the way.
    We are at the Delayed Delayed Intensification stage! The dreaded cytarabine, fingers x we will soon be into Maintenance.

    Lots of positive thoughts,

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