The Good


In the past weeks, I kept thinking that I HAVE to blog something nice. A positive post. But nothing ever really stuck out as blog worthy.

Today, I was just feeling pretty happy about being at home, all of us together, doing things that a family would do on weekends. Vega made an apple crumble and we found running fingers around the flour and oats and butter was a great distraction from the neuropathy tingling which now often affects her fingers and hands.

So while this is not really blog worthy, it is undeniably a very happy post.

PS. We have received a big donation through our donate button- I do not recognize the name. I can see in my blog stats that since I began writing in April 2012 my blog has received more than 20000 views. While many of those are likely to be friends and family, I know that other people too have found their way here and have followed my blog. I feel so very humbled that you all found it worthy of your time to read what I write. And I am even more humbled that someone decided to be so generous and donate, thank you so very much.

6 thoughts on “The Good

  1. yay – way to go Vega!!! I used to use playdo to help my hands too – hugs to you all and yes you reach so many people and inspire. I hope the donation brings lovely treats xxxxxx


  2. I read your blog like a book.
    My best fiends son was diagnosed of ALL last week and scouring the internet for information I chanced upon your blog. He’s just started the induction phase this week, there was no time to think or read or understand. I was looking to see if someone had documented thier journey through induction , but the entire 2 years looks just as bad 😦 . I’m so sorry for everything you, your family and little vega have been through. I hope the next few months fly by and it’s May end !! I think now is a good chance to start looking into supporting Vegas body into a healthy revival . We in India believe in our plants and spices like crazy. Every illness of ours finds a solution in a plant…. Cold cough – tulsi , little severe congestion – a herbal bland with tulsi , immunity – turmeric ( our potent version is the curcumin extract ) , amla , pomogranate , moringa , cold pressed coconut oil…… These are a regular part of our kids falling sick and reviving without allopathy . Maybe this would be good for vega after all this . I hope you read up and opt for that . My own son has dravets syndrome and he’s pumped full of horrible medicines every single day of his life . We are working on how to change that , because I can’t deicide which is more debilitating , the syndrome itself or the side effects of his horrendous medication. We’ve made some small changes like introducing cannabinoids and reducing some allopathy and results are magical . It’s like I’m meeting my son again . Do look into that too. Cannabinoids are currently being researched and they show fantastic healing with neuropathy , DNA damage and general wholistic well being .


  3. Oh , and you write so well. You are very practical mother. I hope you find some time to heal yourself too . Hugs . Though I do know as a mom that my best healing has been when I cuddle into my kids and have a conversation :)….. That and gardening. Really, it’s the most amazing thing what soils and plants can do for ones happiness. Hey , you know what I did to help myself through the discovery of my sons diagnosis and dealing day in and day out with his problems…. I grew all these medicinal plants. So we have this fancy herbal garden growing with mint, tulsi, lemon grass, lemon balm , arugula, water cress, basil and so on…’s something I could do with my older child and we sort of tend to this together every now and then so I get some ultra healing fun time with her as well. If you use a soilless potting mix , vega could get her hands dirty too !


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