The Good


In the past weeks, I kept thinking that I HAVE to blog something nice. A positive post. But nothing ever really stuck out as blog worthy.

Today, I was just feeling pretty happy about being at home, all of us together, doing things that a family would do on weekends. Vega made an apple crumble and we found running fingers around the flour and oats and butter was a great distraction from the neuropathy tingling which now often affects her fingers and hands.

So while this is not really blog worthy, it is undeniably a very happy post.

PS. We have received a big donation through our donate button- I do not recognize the name. I can see in my blog stats that since I began writing in April 2012 my blog has received more than 20000 views. While many of those are likely to be friends and family, I know that other people too have found their way here and have followed my blog. I feel so very humbled that you all found it worthy of your time to read what I write. And I am even more humbled that someone decided to be so generous and donate, thank you so very much.