More blood please

Thank you all for your well wishes and responses to last night’s post. Vega has begun to eat, I am taking it as a sign that things are looking up! Her bloods are still rubbish, in fact the transfusion last night only took her red cells from under 5 to just over 6, which is still very low so we are waiting for another bag of blood now. She is continuing to bleed from nose and mouth, and clotting factor has not returned to normal yet. No cultures or other results yet, just waiting at the moment. Vega is really tired and sleeps a lot, but we did manage to decorate a little box today, “for Lyra” as Vega insists. Vega has also spent most of her awake time watching little video clips of her sisters on the iPad. She misses them a lot. So do I!

We are hanging in here.

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