The end of the day

Some things I noticed today-

The Variety Children’s Hospital has lots of “Did you know” facts along the walls. Today I saw a fact that read “Did you know that the lining of the stomach renews itself every 5 days?” I am hoping that is the time span we are looking at for healing Vega’s mucositis (I will grant her one extra day because of chemo body exhaustion).

Reading World War Z was an excellent choice for this hospital stay. Shuffling down the hallway in our slippers and attached to a bag of blood makes for almost authentic Z head depiction. Living literature so to speak.

The BBC’s one-fits-all approach means I feel weirdly hungry for baked goods after watching “The great big sewing bee”.

Anything healthy *really* hurts when your mouth is sore but cheese and onion crisps don’t.

Finding a piece of butter in the fridge is like hitting the jackpot. (Flora is a measly second price)

Children are super back bouncers. Vega continues to eat and her cultures came back all clear/negative. They have stopped her IV antibiotics and replaced them with milder, oral ones. She remains on antivirals and antifungals. Tomorrow we will find out whether her liver is beginning to recover, but things are looking good because none of her counts have dropped any further and her nose “only” bled five times today, her lips only twice.

My sarcastic self loves “”.


2 thoughts on “The end of the day

  1. Every little improvement is another step towards getting better and getting home. I hope that those little improvements become big soon and you’re all back together where you should be.

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