Sunny Sunday


Everyone is posting their photos on facebook- cycling in the park, picnics, sunshine. Here is our sunny picture. Back at Kings. We did actually leave late on Thursday, but are back today. More fever.

I think we might have been discharged a little prematurely because Vega already had a fever again on Friday afternoon. We tried to ignore it, she seemed fine and understandably we were less than eager to call it in, so for the first time I decided to keep her home. There is always some discrepancy between our in ear thermometer at home and the hospital underarm ones, so I figured our 38.1C might be a 37.5C at Kings. Well who was I kidding?

She woke up with 39.2C this morning and I just had to face the facts. She is pretty well, but of course we are staying for at least three nights. I am so sorry for Alys, who has to go to various sitters again, and she too had a temperature yesterday. I feel sorry for Lyra, who was supposed to see Emil and the Detectives at the National with me tomorrow night. I feel sorry for Ray, having to be outside world coordinator, and I am sorry for the sun to go so unappreciated by us. Feeling sorry for myself again too.

Vega obviously has drawn the shortest straw. My diagnosis is febrile neutropenia because her counts are still so low, but then I am no Doctor. I still can’t quite get over how hard this last chemo has hit her. Even her hair started to fall out again. Every time I run my hand through her hair, I come away with lots and I am having déjà vu’s of this time two years ago. It makes me so upset. We should be done with this now. I so want all of this to stop, to be finished with it. To start recovering. I think it will be 10 very long weeks.


3 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. Oh, Kathi. Sending a massive virtual hug. And hoping that these next ten weeks are all nothing like this one. That this is just a one-off.

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