What’s in a year?

On this day last year I wrote this post. Vega had been on Maintenance for six months which means today, she has been on Maintenance for 1 1/2 years. It is once again Alys’s birthday tomorrow- she will be three. Alys has never celebrated a birthday without her big sister being on treatment and even worse, without Vega being on steroids. Last year we were at the Marsden, this year we are at home. Vega had chemo today so luckily Alys is spared another birthday in a ward playroom.

Reading last year’s post makes me realise that not much has changed. It just feels like we have been at it for ages. Years.

Here is this year’s cake. Served tomorrow morning with another dose of Dex.


Birthday cake.


2 thoughts on “What’s in a year?

  1. veterans we be sadly…………
    happy birthday Alys – next year hopefully NO meds, or playrooms in hospitals – till then birthday happiness to you all xxxxxxxxx


  2. another year!!! you’ve been at it years… well, many more years ahead, all different, all one more year ;0) lots of love from one veteran to another


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