17 days to go.

Today- We left Kings this afternoon. No fevers and Vega’s bloods continued to recover. The platelet transfusion worked as it was supposed to and after a few doses of Vitamin K last night, her clotting factors looked almost normal this morning. Vega did have that headache all night and was sick several times- doctors think it might have been a reaction to the transfusion. Apparently the more transfusions you have the more likely you are to have a reaction. I am not quite sure how many transfusion Vega has had over the last two years… Around 20 I suppose.

We are back at home and Vega looks much happier. The mucositis is still there, especially her bottom half is suffering now. It feels quite wrong do disclose this kind of private information on a public blog, but I can tell you it is a major pain in the ass, quite literally. Vega requests to hold my hands every time she goes to the toilet. I am sure she could be an amazing birthing woman one day because she has the labour breathing down to a tee. I really hope that these small but ever so painful side effects will pass soon- and never come back.

Oral chemotherapy is still on hold until next bloods, to be taken on Tuesday afternoon.

Onwards, onwards.

1 thought on “17 days to go.

  1. Glad that Vega’s bloods results have improved. Hope they continue that way and hope the mucositis clears up very soon. Such a brave girl. It makes my heart hurt that she and all of you are going through this. Sending our love.


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