13 days to go.

Today- Nurses came back to do more bloods. Everything is on the way up except platelets which have dropped again. Port remains accessed and nurses are coming back tomorrow to check platelets again. If they have dropped further still we will probably go in for transfusion tomorrow. Clotting is all in range- at last this seems to have settled and we had no bleeds last night or today.

Vega is in good spirits but looks totally scruffy. Her hair is mat and greasy but she can’t shower because of the port needle. She is a little more sensitive than usually and kind of loses the plot quickly and cries or gets angry. Throughout the treatment I have realised that Vega gets pretty aggressive and defensive whenever her neutrophils are low. I think of it as a protection mechanism- she is much more on guard about anything getting into her “space”.

All her latest test and investigation are being forwarded to our consultant at the Marsden, ready for our appointment on Monday. I have my discussion points all noted down and number 1 on the list is to discuss whether it really is necessary to give Vincristine on Monday. Seeing what is going on with Vega’s liver I find it important to discuss whether the benefits of continuing the chemotherapy outweigh the risk of Vega ending up with some irreparable liver damage. Crunch time.


2 thoughts on “13 days to go.

  1. Glad some things are on the up and thoughts for you for Monday and the decision – big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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