12 days to go.

Today- Are you getting tired of this countdown yet? It is a perfect reflection of how our life has been these last two years and if you started thinking “gosh, this is a bit boring/tiring/ tedious/repetitive” you are spot on. This is what I meant in an earlier blog post, Cancer perks I think, it is not so much that our life is constantly stressful or even particularly worrying. It is the relentlessness of the tedium. The being-on-call-for-cancer-kind-of-thing. If bloods need to be done, they need to be done. If medication has to be taken, it has to be taken. Fever=hospital. Hospital=waiting around, a lot.

And I wanted a countdown so here it is. Writing things down every day, wow, it seems so dull. Not the writing, but the things I am writing about. The things that are our life at the moment.

Blood test today showed no significant difference to yesterday’s. Nothing has gone up but more importantly nothing has fallen either. Vega, Alys and I drove over to Kings this evening to pick up a prescription and to have the port needle removed. On the way back Vega was in a considerably better mood than any of these last few days. She likes to sit in the car, with the windows down and turns up the radio, pretty loud- as loud as I let her. Then she does crazy arm dancing and makes me smile- she loves a good joy ride. I am imagining our last drive from the Marsden- craziest arm dance ever. That comes of course after our Fame style dance exit down the hall of the day care unit.



2 thoughts on “12 days to go.

  1. car-robics!! yay for the dance and NO am not bored of the countdown but looking forward to each days posting!! i hope you post a pic or video clip of the Marsden dance.

    much love

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