10 days to go.

Today- You might have noticed I did not blog yesterday. I forgot. Yes, I just completely forgot. Not only did I forget to blog, I also forgot to give Vega her weekend antibiotics. We were invited to two parties, we went, Vega had fun and I had Pimms. Yesterday was a good example of a good day- Vega’s treatment doesn’t exactly disappear, but it can take a very unimportant backrow seat once in a while. Vega was a little hesitant at the first party and didn’t like joining in with the really wild games and she did complain about sore feet towards the end of the second party, but that was after a fair bit of playing and walking about in the beer garden of a pub. It was nice.

Today we went to the Zoo. There was a special day out at the Zoo- which we didn’t know about- for families of children with all sort of disabilities and life limiting conditions. Almost every other child in the Zoo today was in a wheelchair, or needed quite a bit of support getting around. I saw countless families with children like Vega, who looked like a lot of hard work to look after. And unlike us, these families have not only done this for the last two years. They have done it for this child’s whole life and will continue to do so. I said to Ray that I can’t quite believe we will leave all this behind in just a few days. We are no strangers to special days out and inevitably being part of this kind of VIP crowd. But in just a few days we will rejoin the ranks of ‘the healthy’. And how odd this feels. Once again I must stress that we have no idea if Vega is cured for good. The outcome of all this is all but written in the stars. But for now, I must act and live as if this is it and make plans of moving on. And once again- how odd. I think for a while it will feel like we don’t belong anywhere. Having made this experience as a family has left grooves so deep, I think I will forever run my fingers over them. Yet in just 10 days we are going to be send away, labelled another success of modern science, another child cured of childhood cancer. For now at least. Forever I hope.



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