2 days to go.

Today- A day as ordinary as can be. Vega seems to be recovering just fine from last week’s chemo, her mood is much better and she is less tired. We have a lot of questions about food- when is it ready, how much do I get, what’s for dinner kind of stuff. The steroids induce an obsession with food that slowly starts to wear off around 2 weeks after the last dose of Dex. I am very curious to see how Vega will feel and behave in 6 weeks- that will be the longest she has been without steroids since the beginning of the treatment. I am curious about so many things, nervous a little, but mainly excited.

She went to bed tonight without any medication, since they decided to stop her oral chemotherapy two weeks ago. I have already cleared large parts of the medication stock I usually keep in the kitchen- gone is all the cytotoxic shit- antibiotics and anti sickness medication plus some minor over the counter stuff is all that remains.

The nurses will be here tomorrow morning for bloods, to check that all levels are good for the lumbar puncture to go ahead on Wednesday. Beside that, we are practicing being absolutely ordinary.


3 thoughts on “2 days to go.

  1. ah the magic of the ordinary!! tick tock – one more day – hope the bloods are drawn painlessly and results stable xxx

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