Cancer jet lag


It has been a little over two weeks since Vega finished her treatment. Slowly, everything is stopping. She had her last antibiotics two weekends ago, and now all that remains is her port. So far we have had two weeks of post treatment bloods and everything is recovering nicely. The first week she was still neutropenic, but this week’s bloods are all in normal range. Pretty awesome. Lots of people have asked me if Vega is feeling any different yet, if she is feeling better? She is feeling pretty good, although we are only likely to be able to judge real improvements in a few weeks time. She did have quite a load of chemo in that week of the 19th of May and since starting Maintenance in November 2012 she had chemo in four weekly cycles- any real difference might only be noticed once we go past four weeks- the longest she would have been without any medication in over two years.

We have seen little improvements. Vega has not complained of tummy pains or headaches at all and I have not used the anti sickness meds since treatment ended. She gets tired easily when walking but definitely has more energy than four weeks ago. I am reminding myself frequently that from now, even if progress is slow, it is likely to be steady and continuously upwards.

Yet I have these moments when I think that it can just not be possible to get away from something like this unscathed. We have done it for too long to just stop and get back to how things used to be. We can’t even remember how our life was before this. I am somehow suspended in time, neither here nor there, neither safe nor in danger. Like having just been on holiday and glad to be back, but the system has not quite adjusted to this time zone yet.

The cancer jet lag.

2 thoughts on “Cancer jet lag

  1. It’s bound to be a huge period of adjustment that will probably be harder for you than Vega but that ordinary life is just around the corner. Much love.


  2. so well put Kathi – jet lag indeed – and adjusting to the new time zone – so great to hear her bloods are good – much much love sue x


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