We left the hospital last night- cultures came back negative, viral swap came back with Rhinovirus. A common cold. I am wondering how often we will be back in over the next six months with bog standard stuff. The antibiotics Vega got in hospital gave he diarrhea, otherwise she is totally fine.

If Vega were still on treatment, she would have had Vincristine yesterday and be lying on the sofa now, zonked out with steroids.

However, Vega is not on treatment anymore. I have noticed a huge increase of energy while we were in the hospital. In the past we would spent a lot of time drawing, reading or watching telly. This weekend, even with fever, she insisted on going for walks and was extremely fidgety. Today she is at home, mainly because of the diarrhea, and she is running around, talking really loudly, playing and teasing Alys. I have noticed that her behaviour has changed a lot too- she is very manipulative, bossy and at times outright rude. To Alys and Lyra in particular but also to me. I think she needs to find a new place for herself in the family now that she can’t play the “sick child card” anymore. We have a lot of boundary testing and I am sure it will go on for a while until she establishes her new- and hopefully improved- identity.

I, too, have been feeling a little mad. I am sure Ray in particular can vouch for it, as he often is at the receiving end of my cold snap. I seem to have a lot of anger stored up somewhere. I don’t feel angry at all but I could go mad over things like people chewing too loudly. A bit like PMS, except it just keeps on going. Maybe that is how the stress of the last two years will work itself out of my system. Just don’t- under any circumstances- talk to me about hospitals or football!!!


1 thought on “Vega+Energy=Madness

  1. lol – boy do i relate to the post sick stuff – lock up your knife drawer!!!!!! and watch out tele sales morons (had lots of fun off loading there).

    But seriously Vega is so so lucky that you ‘get’ that she needs to shift her place and glad to hear she is pushing her limits and testing. no doubt Alys and Lyra will keep her in check.

    hugs to you and not mentioning the H or F word


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