Port no more


It seems as if we waited forever for this day, and yesterday, finally, Vega’s port was removed. We left for the Marsden in the late morning, scheduled for theatre around 2.30pm. As always it was a long wait, but even though she had to fast, Vega was very patient while my anxiety levels went up with every doctor I spoke too. Anesthetist first, then pediatrician, then surgeon. There would be general anesthetic in the big theatre upstairs rather than our regular little one in day care. She would need tubing for airway management, we are going to cut this, remove that, insert this, stitch up here, we will give her a/b/c…

Anyway, you get my drift. Sometime, much later than 2.30pm we finally went upstairs and Vega was brave as hell, even though I could tell she was scared. She even whispered some responses to the anesthetist’s small talk- her talking to a health professional?! Totally unheard of!

They sent her off to sleep, as calmly as can be possible and I walked out, again with only a pair of shoes left. It really dawned on me then that this provides yet another last and yet another line we can draw under all this. Her last general anesthetic.

She was in surgery for just over an hour before I met her again in recovery. She was drowsy but stats were good and all had gone well. I was hugely relieved. I think in the back of my mind I have been harbouring images of this port, after 2 1/2 years, completely entwined with her, stuck in the tissue like some alien parasite that will refuse to let go. But let go it did.

We transferred back down to the ward, Vega slept, woke up and ate a bag of hula hoops, sipped water and after removing the cannula from her hand (a safety measure they put in during surgery, in the event she needed any IV’s after the op) we left.

Vega had some paracetamol last night because she was feeling sore, but today she moved around as if nothing happened. I had to stop her doing crazy yoga stuff because it was freaking ME out.

So here we are. As normal as can be. No metal, no bionic girl, no way to get to the red juices in any easy way and no way to shoot poison straight into her heart.

Not actually an alien parasite at all.

Not actually an alien parasite at all.

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