Since returning from Germany it has become a little easier to communicate with Ray, as we can speak on the phone rather than rely on wifi connections. Yesterday he completed Day 9- Inverarary to Laggan.

He told me that the riding has been truly eye opening, that he feels he can see clearer the things that are truly important. He was vague on the phone but his latest pictures taken along the route certainly reflect a level of serenity that seems unobtainable to me.

Day 9Day 9

The scenery in Scotland has been breathtaking and I get various pictures on my phone throughout the day, all saying “wish you were here”. The long hours on the road have provided plenty of space to think, all your donations and Ray beating his target were a huge incentive and realising his body can do this enormous physical task have made him feel very empowered.

Day 9Day 9

I am thinking about Vega’s journey that also required a great amount of stamina and strength. Yesterday she started Year 1 and the picture is a far cry from the little girl with the shiny bald head she was two years ago. I am sure she has inspired Ray more than anything ever could.

Vega Year 1



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