Welcome to Scotland!

Welcome to Scotland

Day 6 saw Ray conquer Shap Fell and today, on Day 7 he rode from Carlisle into Kilmarnock, crossing the Scottish border, with a mighty headwind.

He is still going strong, but based on our daily Skype chats I get a sense that it is getting a little tiring now. I guess it is not just the clocking of so many daily miles but also the sleeping in a different hotel every night, eating out every day…

I am mighty proud of him! Looking forward to having him- and his undoubtably much improved derrière back in London soon! We are also returning to London tomorrow as school begins again on Wednesday. Vega had a freakishly high temperature on Saturday night- I literally just put her to bed and hoped for the best. I spent a night worrying about having to take her to a German hospital, needlessly as it turned out, as she woke up on Sunday fever free and nothing more since. Alas, we got away this time.

I don’t have to remind you why donating is so important, do I?

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