Hair, revisited.

Remember this- hair?

Today we braided Vega’s hair into a french braid. She was so happy. After all this time she still doesn’t take things like hair, or running or going to bed without any medication for granted. She exudes a sense of gratefulness in everything she does. It is very humbling to see.

Her hair is growing, but it has thinned a lot since the end of maintenance. Her “zebra hair” as we called it, was thinner in all those places that grew when she had her monthly dose of Vincristine and it has not withstood the test of time. She has a lot of short bits of hair where it has just broken off. I have suggested we cut it a little shorter again to let it fill up but she is pretty vehement about having long hair. I can’t blame her!

French Braid

French Braid

1 thought on “Hair, revisited.

  1. Yay!!!! Can’t blame her either – I take GREAT pleasure in stroking my ponytail and sporting a hairband on my wrist!! just beautiful to see – time for some pretty grips n bands n hair stuff then. Much love xxxxxxxxx


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