19 days to go.

Thought I could let you take part in our countdown.

Today- No school because Vega had a sort of bad nosebleed last night. Her lips look crusty and sore and she seems to have mucositis again, all along the digestive system. Her bloods taken on Tuesday were very low- platelets were 80 and HB (red cells) were 8. Neutrophils had dropped too. It looks very similar to our last big admission in March. More bloods were ordered for today and I just got off the phone with a hematologist from Kings- you know it is urgent when they call you back with blood results at 7pm on a Friday night.

Bloods have dropped even more-

HB 7.4

Neutrophils 0.31

Platelets 40

Hematologist inquired if Vega looks yellow or if she is bleeding from anywhere so I guess liver counts are buggered again. We have orders to go in for more bloods tomorrow morning and wait for results at Kings in case she needs some topping up with transfusions.

Vega seems fine, tired, but perky. Her temperature is 37.7 (uh oh). Chemo has been stopped for tonight.

19 days to go.