Feeling good, feeling excited, feeling sad.

This is Ray’s first entry from the road. He left London today by train to Penzance, where he rendezvoused with the rest of the cyclists joining the charity ride. You can still continue to donate throughout the ride. He is so close to his target. Have a look here! 

The day before the ride and I’m excited and in all honesty not that nervous.

The weather in Penzance has been unpredictable to say the least. If this continues into tomorrow, I don’t think there will be anything to worry about for our first day on the road. The second day is a whole different story as we will be cycling through Dartmoor.

My roomy Dinesh who happened to be travelling on the same train from Paddington has been great company. We’ve eaten out at a lovely restaurant and he like myself enjoys a bit of order so I think we’ll get on alright if we’re stuck with eachother for the duration of this cycle.

I’m feeling positive. But I oh so miss my girls.