18 days to go.

Today- As requested we went to Kings for more bloods this morning. They wanted us to stay and wait for the results, anticipating the need for a transfusion. We waited for hours and while here Vega’s temperature went up to 37.8. Her blood results were better than yesterday, everything had gone up, by tiny amounts but up nevertheless. Platelets however had dropped to 30 and since she had more nosebleeds overnight she received a platelet transfusion. Just like our last admission in March, her liver counts for clotting are deranged. Kat, our onco nurse, suggested we stay overnight for observation. It was almost 6pm at this time so I agreed. It would save us a trip tomorrow for more blood tests. Vega’s temperature has dropped by now but she has a huge, bad headache and has just been very sick. They won’t give her anything for the pain because it would mask a temperature. She is trying to sleep, with a wet flannel on her forehead. Poor little sausage.

Plan is to let us go tomorrow after more bloods, and of course given she doesn’t spike a fever overnight. I have no idea what is going to happen. Vega looks as if this could go either way. Up or down.