My hunch regarding an extended stay was right. Vega’s viral swabs came back positive for Influenza B, she has got the flu. I feel intensely sympathetic, having only just recovered from this terrible lurgy myself and having seen Lyra be very ill with it too.

The irony, all of us having a flu jab this year and then actually catching the flu for the first time ever. Coincidence? I will leave that one to the conspiracy theorists.

I felt TERRIBLE during my flu week. Seriously, it was the illest I have been since I can remember. Poor Vega had a shit load of chemo this week and is on steroids. She is sad and tired anyway. Now she has the flu and as if that all is not bad enough she now suffers with the terrible side effects of Tamiflu. She was given the first dose of the antiviral drug when her swaps came back positive for flu. You see the flu is actually quite dangerous for someone who is immuno compromised. With no white blood cells to fight the virus, vital organs are easy pickings with no defences. So oncology patients are prescribed Tamiflu, but as mentioned above it has very common side effects. Stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes and itches, headaches. Just one dose of Tamiflu and Vega was in so much pain, she said she couldn’t close her eyes because her tummy was hurting so much. She just lies next to me, looking at me, whimpering and crying. Her little deer eyes asking me to make it better. It is pretty terrible to see her in so much discomfort and not being able to do anything.
Apparently the side effects lessen after 24 hours but that is still awfully long!
I resorted to our Rapunzel healing incantation to lull her into a numb sleep. I shall hope it will last and when she wakes the next time, the pain is less.
Poor little mite.