Marsden Day in Pictures

our internet was down for nearly a week. oh how i missed it! it is quite unbelievable that only a few years back i didn’t even have my own computer at home, and now i feel absolutely crippled when i can not check my emails at least once a day.

which is also the reason why this blog entry is slightly delayed. we had a Marsden day on thursday last week and Vega suggested we take some pictures, mainly to show Lyra and Papa, but i thought it was a good idea so this weeks’ blog entry is a sort of photo diary of one of our regular days at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton.

the pictures show Vega on one of her chemo days in the Day Care Unit, which is separate from the ward- the place you would stay as an inpatient, and separate from the Outpatient Unit- the place where you would come for an appointment with your consultant. in day care you receive chemo, long (with general anesthetic), intermediate (via drip infusion) or short (injections or port pushes).

thursday was one of Vega’s long chemo days, because she was to receive intrathecal chemotherapy, when chemo is injected straight into the spinal fluid via lumbar puncture done under general anesthetic. so far Vega has had 8 of these lumbar punctures and thursday was her 9th general anesthetic in five months of treatment. i think the photos speak for themselves and show that she is quite a pro at all of this by now. it is reassuring as much as it is sad.

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