1 Year in Remission

Today! It has been one year since Vega’s last dose of chemo.

I read my final on-treatment post this morning- what a strange day it was last year. Even though it was Vega’s last chemo, it never really felt like we ended it there. The removal of the port, sometime late in July felt much more significant in retrospect. Vega had a few more admissions after coming off treatment and there were plenty more bloods, and pokes. As of today our visits with the oncology team are reduced from six weekly to 12 weekly. This will continue for another year, then we are down to every four months then six. Slowly we are removing ourselves more and more. It feels pretty good.

To me, Vega is a miracle. Don’t get me wrong- all my children are, but Vega has special miracle status. She is getting stronger all the time, is tripping less, even though you can still see she is walking kinda funny, compared to her sisters. She continues to have stomach problems and we continue to be seen by the gastroenterology team, but this has now become part of our day to day life and I have accepted it as an aspect of long term recovery.

Recently I overheard the children playing doctor, all three girls together, when one of them said “You have a broken leg and she has cancer. I am the doctor”. It really struck me that cancer has been part of this family, like a childhood illness, that came and went, and to them is as common as a broken bone. That it is comparable in curability and seriousness to a broken bone.

We are celebrating today. It feels like it is everyone’s birthday all on the same day. We had presents, picnic, cake and dancing. If you find yourself enjoying a drink of some sort today, raise a toast to Vega and to many more years in remission to come.

Happy, blurry dancing.

Happy, blurry dancing.