Trying not to scratch

We are home again. Left Kings yesterday, after the second viral swab came back with Parainfluenza. Vega’s fever is finally gone but the cough is still pretty juicy. They sent us home on oral antibiotics and with strict instructions to return if the fever comes back. AS IF! Once again I have been feeling nothing but frustrated while we were in hospital. It is a mixture of just being fed up about being holed in, witnessing the organizational nightmare Toni and Guy Ward is and in general not being in charge of Vega’s care and instead being at the mercy of the doctors. I decided not to blog about it, as the result would be a load of verbal diarrhea and I had enough of the bum kind these last few days.

I have fought so much these last days, mainly about the IV antibiotics, which in my opinion are totally over the top for the kind of symptoms Vega presented with, and which in turn make her feel so much worse. Now at home, off the nasty, hardcore antibiotics, Vega is recovering. The cough is worse at night and often accompanied by some freakish skin crawling itch, hence we didn’t get much sleep last night. I am knackered today and will unashamedly spend the day in bed or on the sofa while letting the kids watch way too much telly.

Vega’s neutrophils were pretty low again when we left yesterday, so more bloods will need to be done to check recovery, probably sometime next week. Vega has a date for port removal on the 29th July, after which any bloods or IV will need to be done by peripheral site. I do hope we will have much less need for access after the port removal, but these last two admissions in such quick succession do not exactly fill me with hope.

Meanwhile, it is really good to be home again. Onwards.