Tick tick tickity tick!

We left Kings on Sunday night, and since then we have been busy. Bloods were taken at home on Monday and were not too bad. Neutrophils are still low as expected, at 0.2. But platelets and red blood cells were fine so no need for any further transfusions. Yesterday we came to the Marsden for Vincristine and we are here again today for Vega’s last lumbar puncture before maintenance and her last ever PEG. Yes our little time bomb. It turned out that the delay of the lumbar puncture was in our favour as Vega can get the PEG injection while under general anaesthetic today therefore sparing her the needle poke fright. In maintenance Vega will only have a lumbar puncture and intrathecal methotrexate once every twelve weeks so the frequency of these general anaesthetics reduces greatly.
I have continued to tick things off my mental done and dusted list. I am feeling a great sense of relief. I am feeling quite good at the moment, after my recent late night cry out at Kings. Thank you for all your continued reader and comment ship. Vega is also feeling well. Her body is recovering from all those antibiotics she got at Kings over the weekend. Like I blogged before, the second poo sample came back negative for C diff and no one could really explain this. The doctor who was ever so insistent that Vega should start the C diff antibiotic was slightly apologetic. The microbiologist was baffled but said that it could have under no circumstances been a lab error. They told me that I should just be happy she doesn’t have C diff. Well I am, thank you.
Here at the Marsden they said yesterday that she shouldn’t have started the Metronidazole until she
showed symptoms of C diff. I do still not know what would have been the best thing to do, but what is done is done and I made peace with my decision. Somehow I have a feeling we might have this issue again in the future and then I shall decide again.

This morning Vega is grumpy and hungry and tired. Who can blame her? She has her beeper and is waiting to go into theatre. After today she only has one more dose of Vincristine, to be given at Kings on Tuesday, and then she is done with delayed intensification and therefore done with the intense blocks of her treatment. A major milestone!

Beep beep beep…