Accessing the port

accessed port

i am not quite sure were to start with all this but since Vega is being accessed today i thought i might post about her port. if you are not interested in any of the medical type posts just ignore but i thought it might be of interest for someone of you. two days after her diagnosis Vega was fitted with a central line- a Port-a-cath. i added a link to wiki if any of you want to have a look. it is essentially a little titanium cap that sits just under the skin and that has a little line running through Vega’s chest. the port is being accessed with a small needle that is connected to a straw/pipe type of thing through which they can draw blood out, as well as give her IV’s or ‘pushes’ of medicine, chemo.. once accessed the port needle can stay in for seven days at a time. when the port is not accessed Vega can go in the bath or swim, anything really as the site is sealed. i will try to add some photos later of her access today.