Give me all your money!!

Well  a bit of it anyway.. a few friends and I have decided to do this years’ London Shine Cancer Research nighttime walk. We are walking a half marathon on the 29th September 2012. I am aware that a half marathon is not that impressive. I am sorry for that. But what it really boils down to is you giving me money for Cancer Research. My daily dealings with a child that suffers from cancer is my real challenge.

Naturally I am walking to raise funds for childhood cancers. 50 years ago many children died from cancers that are now being treated with very good survival chances. Like Leukaemia. I am hoping that come another 50 years, children won’t even have to endure the same grueling regime as Vega has to now to survive.

The fundraising drive has been immense this year, and I have donated to many friends who have done runs, walks, tea mornings and other fundraising events. So I am only too aware that I might be the sixth, seventh.. person this year to ask you for your money. Please do consider donating, even if it is just a little donation- I don’t want to see any of those “sorry it’s not much” comments. Any amount will be very gratefully received, and if all of my regular readers would consider donating £1 I would have reached my target. Or consider donating £1 once a week until the day of the walk.

My fundraising page can be found here. As I mentioned before I am also part of a team, all of us having come together because we have personally, or through a friend or family been affected by this crappy disease. All the stories are touching and inspiring and sad. You can check out everyone’s story and keep updated with our training and our fundraising through the above team website.

Ray will also fundraise in September, his challenge a little more impressive than mine, he will cycle the London to Brighton race to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital. I will add a link to his Just Giving Page later on.

Enough of the money talk now, just get your credit cards out!