5 days to go.

Today- Vega just had her last dose of steroids. I want to write ever but I am not feeling that brave. We took pictures. Ray shot them from below, Vega’s view he called it and I have a very unsightly double chin on all of them so I am not yet sure you will get to see them on the blog. We took pictures of me drawing up the syringe and of Vega taking it, millilitre by millilitre. Followed by a high five. Done. This feels like a huge milestone.

Vega has been so very tired today. When Lyra came home from school, she convinced Vega to play Snakes and Ladders. Vega was too tired to roll the dice or to move her figure so Lyra did it for her. They always play with two dice, adding the numbers, and that was all that Vega could do. I listened to them for a while and felt so proud of Lyra, being so supportive and patient with Vega. I have written about her a few times but not that much actually and certainly not enough to give her credit for being an awesome sister and a pretty tough cookie through all this. I know how difficult this has been for her too.

We had cake and ice cream for pudding tonight and a movie in bed. Celebrating the end of the steroid era.

Empty Dex