7 days to go.

Today- Today couldn’t have been more different than yesterday. It was my birthday and first thing this morning, Vega got up out of bed, by herself, and came to give me a big hug. She whispered “this is my birthday present for you”. I have felt loved and acknowledged and cared for and appreciated all day long. By Vega, by Lyra and Alys, by Ray and my family and all my wonderful friends too.

Vega’s mood has turned from angry and aggressive to sad and tired. If she could she would lie on the sofa with me all day and listen to the radio and sleep. I feel terrible about my rambling yesterday, she is just so miserable and sad today. She is in a lot of pain, her tummy is suffering under the steroids again, and did I say she is sad? It is absolutely heartbreaking to see her like this. While we were cuddling this evening I told her I wish I could make it stop, but it won’t be long anymore until she will finally be feeling better. How did we ever manage to get through this? I really don’t know.